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Mary Magdalene announces the resurrection of the Lord to the disciples, from the St Alban's Psalter (1130). Note the beautiful relationship and contrast between the Apostle to the Apostles, and the Eleven Apostles themselves.

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This is the diocesan branch of the national organization.  See below for the link.

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Regular meetings usually include the Mass and Sprinkling at Thornton on the second Saturday in July;  an annual Mass at the Garden Chapel at Parcevall Hall, on a midweek evening in summer;  often an autumn Saturday afternoon Mass at the tiny church of Eldroth in the countryside out west;  a Requiem in November, carol singing at the end of December, and usually one other gathering each year at St Chad's in Manningham.  We also share events such as teaching days with Ripon Diocese;  and continue to work for proper provision for traditional Anglicans within the Church of England.



Will this parish join the Ordinariate?  How many will accept Pope Benedict's offer?  Those are questions we are asking ourselves at this time.  Too much is vague and uncertain at this point for anyone to be able to give a clear answer.  But nor are we simply waiting for others to decide our future.
    How can we continue to be Anglicans, and how can we continue to remain faithful to the tradition we have received?  There are many questions, and as a rural parish, we recognize how different our own experience is to most other traditionalist parishes.
    Meanwhile, the first point of contact and the first place to sign up, to express interest in what is happening is the website <>.  Within this parish, Fr Nicholas will be producing a series of leaflets over the next few months, explaining the different aspects of the question, and what decisions we are likely to have to make in the future.




1. All our three churches are under the episcopal care of the Bishop of Beverley, the Rt Revd Martyn Jarrett, along with some 120 other parishes in the Province of York:

The Bishop’s newsletter comes out about two or three times a year, and often contains an important statement of where we are in the relation to the General Synod’s interminable debates on and indecision over women bishops.
Bp Martyn’s judgement and reflection on these matters is always worth reading in full:

2. The parish is affiliated to Forward in Faith, the national organization that looks after traditionalist Anglicans; for the latest news, a list of other parishes in this country, and links to the best blogs. There is a great deal on this site, so the best thing to do is go and explore it if you have not already done so. It will take you through to most of what is important for us at this time:

3. Fr Nicholas was also for many years until recently the (unpaid) editor of NEW DIRECTIONS, the national monthly magazine for traditionalist Anglicans in this country:

4. There are just two traditionalist parishes in the Diocese of Bradford. Ours is the only one in the Archdeaconry of Craven; the other one is in the Archdeaconry of Bradford, St Chad’s, Toller Lane, Manningham, with the wonderful Canon Ralph Crowe, who has been its vicar for over forty years:

5. Thornton village has its own website, with details of sporting and social events, as well as a lot more information on local history:

6. When one of your congregation works for a candle and church supplies firm, you wouldn’t want to go anywhere else, would you? It is a Dutch firm and their prices are in euros, but click on the Union Jack on the home page:

7. ‘A Church Near You’ is an excellent website that does what it says, finds a parish church near where you are or where you want to go. If you look for our entries, you will find some earlier stuff not included here:
If you can, publicize this site: its only limitation is the fact that some parishes have not got around to filling in their entry. True, it covers every parish in the Church of England, and that of course will include the daft ones, but at least its entries are not dependent on payment, as most church finding sites are – always a suspicious way of finding your way to God.

8. For over 80 photos of Broughton church, inside and out, taken in the summer of 2006, go to the photographer Christopher Hester’s site:

9. If you want still more links, go to Fr Len Black and his parish in Inverness, for the most imaginative and comprehensive selection of church and theological websites – great fun if you are not meant to be working: